Creates great content
"Aisling is a great asset to Trilogy. She is very efficient and her enthusiasm is infectious. I can trust her to create great content that needs very little input from us."

- Edel Creely, Group MD, Trilogy Technologies
"Aisling is a hard and proactive worker. I got to know her well on a professional and personal level as together we represented the company at a number of successful European events. She is easy to get on with and was a great asset to us."

- Ian Broadhurst, General Manager, EMEA, LeanLogistics
European tech marketing experience

"I chose Aisling as our Enterprise Ireland SMR consultant because of her tech marketing experience and because she lived and worked in the UK and Ireland – our two key target markets. She was a pleasure to work with and provided guidance beyond the scope of the project."

- Marc O’Dwyer, CEO, Big Red Cloud

"The thing that stood out for us was that she just got on with the job in hand. She was smart enough to pick up something new to her and run with it. She was a self-starter. We also found Aisling reliable and never afraid to make sensible suggestions."

- Willie Fitzgerald, Simply Dynamics
Diligent and professional
"Aisling directs us in our marketing activities and helped us re-launch our website and launch our email newsletter. While extremely diligent and professional at all times, Aisling’s friendly attitude and enthusiastic approach to work means she is a pleasure to deal with."

- Frank O’Connor, CEO, Airtel ATN
Great mentor

"Thanks a million for all the informative emails and all of your guidance yesterday in our mentoring session. It was very much appreciated."

- Patrick Ward, Co-founder,


Aisling Foley Marketing

Aisling Foley Marketing is a freelance B2B technology marketing consultancy that provides companies with the extra resource required to extend business to business (B2B) marketing activities. I help you improve your brand awareness, increase sales leads and increase awareness and understanding of your company and solutions in your target market.

While we adjust to the new normal, it’s a really good time to review your marketing strategy and current activities. Or perhaps you want to improve your company’s brand awareness to aid acquisition?

Aisling Foley Marketing is working with a number of companies for these very reasons. The service is flexible and cost-effective and is available as an immediate response to a new ongoing demand or as a one-off requirement.

  • Marketing planning: I will work with you to create and implement a B2B marketing strategy 
  • Marketing projects: Projects to undertake but lack in-house expertise to implement them?  I become your marketing team – leaving you free to concentrate on running your business

Aisling is the only B2B marketing consultant in Ireland specialising in software who has lived, worked and marketed to Ireland, UK, USA, Europe and Middle East.