Aisling worked with Sandymount Physiotherapy during the pandemic lockdown in April 2020 assisting the practice with converting the website to an ecommerce site. The new website will be launched in December.

Anne Blaney, Sandymount Physiotherapy

Aisling worked with Anthony in 2020 assisting the business with new messaging and website needed as a result of the pandemic.

Anthony Kavanagh, e-Movement Ireland

"Aisling is a great asset to Trilogy. She is very efficient and her enthusiasm is infectious. I can trust her to create great content that needs very little input from us."

— Case study: Trilogy Technologies

Edel Creely, Group MD, Trilogy Technologies

"Aisling brought us through the routine to adopt to promote business through social media, which is very helpful ……and the mentoring was excellent.”

Mark Prendergast, Safe Drone Academy

"I chose Aisling as our Enterprise Ireland Strategy Marketing Review consultant because of her extensive tech marketing experience and also because she lived and worked in both the UK and Ireland – our two key target markets. From the first workshop she was familiar with our product. She was a pleasure to work with and provided guidance beyond the scope of the project."

— Case study: Big Red Cloud

Marc O’Dwyer, CEO, Big Red Cloud

"I worked with Aisling from Nov 14 to Nov 16 and she is a hard and proactive worker. I got to know her well on a professional and personal level despite me being UK based as together we represented the company at a number of successful events across Europe. She is easy to get on with and was a great asset to LeanLogistics Europe."
— Case study: LeanLogistics

Ian Broadhurst, General Manager, EMEA, LeanLogistics

"Aisling has been working with us since 2009. She directs us in our marketing activities and helped us re-launch our website and launch our email newsletter. She also writes and circulates our press releases and anything else that comes up! While extremely diligent and professional at all times, Aisling's friendly attitude and enthusiastic approach to work means she is a pleasure to deal with. We really would have been lost without her help and support over the last few years."
— Airtel ATN/IAA case study        — Airtel ATN/Emteq case study        — Brochure: ANSP

Frank O'Connor, CEO, Airtel ATN

"We worked with Aisling on all our digital marketing, PR, branding and collateral requirements. In addition, Aisling managed our new website design and helped up prepare case studies and newsletters. The thing that stood out for us was that she just got on with the job in hand, she was smart enough to pick up something new to her and run with it, so she was a self-starter and worked using her own initiative with no need for us to check up or micro manage. We also found Aisling reliable, punctual, creative and never afraid to make sensible suggestions."

— Case study: Simply Dynamics

Willie Fitzgerald, Sales Manager, Simply Dynamics

"We have been extremely satisfied with Aisling’s work. She is competent, hardworking and proactive. She organised our website revamp and managed a complete overhaul of our corporate collateral. She managed events, wrote case studies and worked with analysts and the press to raise our profile."

— Case study: Macalla

Niall Ó Cléirigh, CEO, Macalla Software

"Aisling was the obvious candidate to help us create and deliver our Social Media for Libraries training course because of her experience. She has been working in marketing for over 25 years and actively using social media for herself and her clients since the early days back in 2007. A lovely bonus is that we have great fun delivering the course."

— Case study: McGrath Barrett

Bríd McGrath, McGrath Barrett & Associates

"We needed high quality marketing execution to support a US market entry launch event. Aisling did a fantastic job from concept to delivery and we came away from the event with an excellent sales pipeline."

— Case study: Zarion

Pearse Coyle, Go to Market Manager, Zarion

"I have worked alongside several projects with Aisling and couldn't recommend her enough. Knowledgeable and eager to help in any way she can. I look forward to working with her in the future."

Aidan O'Carroll, Avalanche Designs

"I know Aisling through her work with Information Security Ireland (ISI), where she was hired by Enterprise Ireland to develop and implement an online and event marketing strategy. Aisling’s plan raised the ISI's online profile and she also organised a series of events that gained valuable media attention. The result was a threefold increase ISI's membership. Aisling's experience in the marketing of technology added considerable value to the ISI beyond what other marketing consultants can offer. On a personal level her enthusiasm and integrity make it a pleasure to work with her."

— Brochure: ISI profile

Adrian Mullett, Senior Market Analyst, Daon

"I worked closely with Aisling to reshape our proposition and build our profile with the Analyst community. Her positive and creative approach gained us a very positive result."

— Brochure: CR2 corporate brochure

Seán Jevens, Head of Product Management, CR2

"Aisling was a great person to work with. She was always cheerful, friendly and positive. She understood our (Macalla) products and markets very quickly and as a result her work was always carried out effectively and efficiently. She was an asset to our team."

— Case study: Macalla/Viva Bahrain

Bryan Maybury, CEO, Bibio Consultants

"I worked closely with Aisling over a 3 year period. Aisling provided focus and leadership for the marketing team, met deadlines provided by the sales team and was always competent and professional in her dealings with people of all levels within the company. I hope our paths cross again in future as I would not hesitate to work with Aisling again."

— Brochure: Why your travel agency should be online

Jenny Rizzolo, Sales Director, Sabre

"Aisling provided us with direction for our marketing requirements, standardised our marketing collateral and branding, and redesigned our website, newsletters and case studies with flair and imagination. Very enthusiastic and reliable."

— Brochure: Interleaf Technology company overview

Martin McGovern, Director, Interleaf Technology

"I started working with Aisling in May 2013 when I was impressed with her marketing knowledge and technology background. Her guidance and implementation of our marketing activities has been invaluable."

Marius Mihalec, CEO, Pulseway

"I've had the pleasure of working with Aisling while at ISI. Aisling is highly creative and innovative marketer, who uses all of the available channels at her disposal. Aisling works hard to continuously deliver high quality marketing projects. Aisling is also very engaging and a great source of information. I would not hesitate in recommending Aisling to anyone."

— Brochure: ISI Members' story

Eoin Geary, Account Manager, Eirteic Consulting

"It was indeed a good experience working with Aisling on marketing assignments for newly acquired mobile application services. She has special qualities in building customer relationships, a colleague who is result oriented and self-driven. She possesses a great amount of patience and has good command over business communication skills."

— Brochure: Roamware Mobile Remittances

Abhijeet Chavan, Senior Consultant, Capgemini

"While working together I was really impressed by Aisling's professionalism and quality of work. She's very talented and accurate in all details."

— Brochure: How to market your travel agency website

Cristina Marchionne, Regional Marketing Manager, Sabre Travel Network

Aisling worked with Grainne from YogaPal as part of the Dublin City Council initiative to help companies during the Covid-19 crisis.

Grainne Toher, YogaPal

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