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include in a social media plan

What to include in a social media plan

I’ll bet most of you reading this have never even thought of creating a social media plan. You just dove right in and started tweeting. Of course ideally, we should always create plans before starting out on any marketing activities. Here’s why your tech company needs a marketing plan. And social media is no different. But […]

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How to write a company overview brochure

So how do you write a company overview brochure? What do you need to include? How much should you write? You can of course go down the professional route and create a lovely brochure (ideal situation), but most likely you will have a one or two pager – more like a datasheet. And in that, […]

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8 Irish business competitions to win investment

Updated 17 May 18 I was prompted to create a post containing Irish business competitions to win investment after the success of my Irish Technology and Irish Business awards article. There can be a fine line between accelerator programmes and competitions, so I’m sticking purely with competitions and as usual it’s a B2B focus. Of course […]

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competitor analysis

What to include in a competitor analysis

A competitor analysis or competitor benchmark report is an assessment of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. I’m quite sure that this is something you have sort of done, but in my experience only about 5% of tech companies have done and continue to do competitor analysis in full.  It should be part of your marketing plan and […]

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marketing plan

Why your tech company needs a marketing plan

You’ve been doing bits and pieces of marketing over the last couple of years, probably by yourself or maybe with the assistance of a marketing graduate or intern. But you haven’t achieved the results you wanted. You know you need to do something more but aren’t sure what? Well first you need a marketing plan. […]

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Irish Tech News guest blog: 8 ways to segment your B2B market

Edited and prepared by Oscar Michel, Masters in Journalism, DCU. Great guest post by Aisling Foley, from Aisling Foley Marketing.  View all posts by Aisling Foley here. Segmenting your B2B market and being specific about the market to which you wish to sell is vital. “The world” and “all companies” is too big a place. Nobody can afford to target everyone and “anyone […]

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Investor pitches

Irish Tech News guest blog: Investor pitches

Guest blog appeared on Irish Tech News on 1 May 2017. 12 things to include in an investor pitch. Great guest by Aisling Foley, from Aisling Foley Marketing who we will be featuring soon in Business Showcase. Image from pixabay here. Some great free Twitter Tools to help you market your business Business Showcase : Aisling Foley […]

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