Employee advocacy and how to get your employees to share the love

employee advocacy

Word of mouth will always be the marketing activity with the best results. Social media, in particular LinkedIn and Twitter, are important elements of a B2B tech company’s marketing communications strategy to encourage word of mouth.

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But to get the most from your social media activities you need your posts to create a reaction – whether that be via retweeting or sharing, or liking the post – you need them all to extend your reach. And an often overlooked way of achieving this is with employee advocacy.

Employee advocacy

Employee advocacy refers to the promotion of a business by the workforce. It can take many forms, but today I am talking about social media – one of the most common and effective employee advocacy channels.

A Hootsuite article (one of my social media tools of choice) refers to Pew Research that stated that the average US internet user has 200 Facebook friends and 61 Twitter followers. A 2016 survey (latest available figures – probably much the same in 2022) found that 27% of LinkedIn users had between 500 and 999 first degree connections. So there is a very good reason to encourage employee advocacy.

So how to you get your employees to share the social media love?

Social Media
  1. Employees need to love their jobs in order to share information about it, so ensure you have a great work culture
  2. Let employees know what your company is posting by sending a weekly email or including it in your internal newsletter
  3. Ask employees to share or create LinkedIn articles that can be shared on the company website under their name
  4. Encourage employees to share by holding competitions – for example the most shares/retweets earns a bottle of Prosecco (I prefer Cava or even champagne, but you get the drift!) or a company t-shirt if you prefer
  5. Include social media sharing in your Employee of the Month qualifications
  6. Set job objectives and goals to include social media sharing
  7. Encourage your staff to use certain hashtags to help with measurement
  8. Ensure you have set guidelines for them to follow – create a social media policy (blog post coming soon on this very topic) and show them how best to behave on and use social media
employee advocacy

Getting your employees to share the social media love improves your brand awareness, helps demonstrate trust in your company and your products and can also help with recruitment.

First posted 20 March 2019


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