Why employ a copywriter?

employ a copywriter

It can be difficult to get people to read content either online or print. And to get them to read further than your website home page also isn’t easy. Good copy and a good copywriter is vital to successfully promote your products and services. A copywriter will give your content a more professional feel and encourage visitors to stay on […]

Tips to help grow your social media influence

social media policy

Updated 20 November 19 You’re set up on social media, your’re sharing updates and tweeting away. Perhaps you’ve even been brave enough to tackle Instagram! But how do you grow your followers and, more importantly, your authority. Here are 9 tips to grow your social media influence: 1. Create and maintain a voice Decide a […]

Why I love digital marketing

digital marketing

But I love “marketing” too because digital marketing isn’t the whole thing. I went to marketing school before the internet exploded when it was simply called marketing. Digital marketing is just one aspect of the bigger “marketing” but is of course the most commonly used tactical marketing communications area today. Digital marketing is the marketing […]

7 Irish technology awards you may wish to enter (and 24 business)

Last updated 6 June 19. All companies want to win awards. Awards provide prestige and are great for branding. They are also great for team morale and, of course, marketing. But which ones should you apply for and when are they held? I couldn’t find a definitive list of B2B Irish technology awards, so I […]

What is a CVP and why do you need one?


CVP or Customer Value Proposition describes why a customer would buy from you rather than buy from your competition. It goes hand in hand with a USP and you need both before commencing any sales or marketing campaigns.  A CVP talks about your strengths but from your customers’ perspective. How your customer views you can […]

What is a USP and why do you need one?


USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition. It is a vital first step when creating your marketing message. In fact it is a vital first step before you do anything related to sales and marketing and quite probably before you even finalise your product or service. If you don’t know what makes your product unique, then […]

Tech Marketing newsletter Dec 18

This month’s newsletter features Tech Ireland awards, event planning tips and 9 ways to use a blog post. Click on the image to view.

Case study: Social Media training with McGrath Barrett

social media training

Background Founded in 1994, McGrath Barrett & Associates provides high-quality, relevant and enjoyable training courses for the staff of libraries and information services in Ireland. In 2012, Bríd McGrath and Julia Barrett wished to extend the organisation’s training portfolio to include social media and was looking for an associate to assist with creation and delivery. […]