7 questions your B2B tech website visitors need immediate answers to

Your website visitors need to know what you do – quickly. If you don’t provide this immediately, then they will leave (called “bounce” in Google Analytics). This is bad for business and can lead Google into thinking your site isn’t relevant for the keywords chosen.

So what information does your B2B tech website visitor need?

1. What it is you can do for the visitor?

The opening section on your B2B tech website (just below your navigation menu or headline image) is the most important area of your entire website. It is the first thing visitors meet. So why would you include only an image or exclude text that could help visitors understand they are in the right place? This is not the spot for meaningless taglines (or straplines as I learnt to call them in UK marketing school) or waffly expressions. This is where you explain the benefits your product or service can bring to the website visitor.

2. What do you sell?

A short description of what you sell. This is how you bring the benefits stated to the visitor.

3. CVP – why are you better than the competition?

This same area, or immediately after, needs to address reasons why your visitor should buy from you and not your competitor. Differentiation is key.

4. Who do you sell to – who is your target market(s)?

By identifying your target market, visitors know whether you have a solution for them or not.

B2B tech Website visitors

5. Contact

Where are you based (global is not the answer to this question)? What’s your phone number and what is your email address?

6. Customers

Who else is using it and have they heard of them?

7. Can you be trusted?

Customer names, testimonials and case studies are vital to show trust and authority.

I haven’t included cost because invariably B2B tech solutions are customised and so a standard price is unavailable. Otherwise, cost would have been at number 5.


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