12 things to include in an investor pitch

Updated 15 Sep 15

At some stage, the vast majority of start-ups are going to need money. Money from investors is one of the main ways software start-ups get the funding needed to continue to grow. In order to part investors from their cash, it is imperative that you have a pitch that covers all the information needed quickly and to the point.

Your investor pitch handout should include these 12 items in order to address the majority of questions potential Investor pitchinvestors have.

  1. Business summary – What your product/business actually does. Your elevator pitch will come in handy here.
  2. USP – What are you “the only” of?
  3. Management team – Name the founders and key execs and include a short bio.
  4. Key customers – Name a few of your biggest and most important customers and provide some testimonials.
  5. Customer problem – Explain the problem your prospects have.
  6. Solution – Define how your solution fixes that problem.
  7. Target market – Describe your target market, location, job title in as much detail as possible.
  8. Opportunity or size of market – Illustrate the size of the market and how much of this you hope to corner.
  9. Sales and marketing – Briefly describe your sales and marketing strategy – how you will sell, how you plan to create brand awareness and inbound calls.
  10. Describe your revenue model.
  11. Competitors – list your competitor solutions and how your product differs.
  12. Competitive advantage – Explain your competitive advantage.

The investor pitch handout should also include a summary box with the following information:

  • Industry
  • Employees
  • Founded
  • Company stage
  • Contact
  • Management team
  • Financial overview (investment to date)
  • Company advisors

Your investor pitch tool box should also contain a PowerPoint presentation with this information. Here is a Forbes article about pitches complete with a free downloadable PowerPoint template.


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