Irish expressions you’ll need for Web Summit 2015

Irish flagWith 30,000 people  from 110 countries attending Web Summit 2015, our non native English speakers might find this useful.

Here are some of the not really that common at all Irish expressions you are likely to come across this week. Sadly, we won’t need this next year. Who’s gonna write the Portuguese version?

13 Irish expressions for Web Summit 2015

Expression Meaning Web Summit example
Half thinking Not quite made up your mind yet I’m half thinking of going to the Web Summit.
Feck Much more polite and acceptable than the word it sounds like Feck it, it’s too late now, the tickets are sold out.
Giving out Telling somebody off or getting angry My boss was giving out to me because I didn’t get in on time to get the two for one Web Summit tickets.
Cacks Trousers Relax the cacks, I said to me boss, I got the two-for deal from home
Janey mac Wow Janey mac, there are 30,000 people attending Web Summit 2015.
Tucking into the groceries Put on weight Brian O’Driscoll is looking good. He clearly never tucks into the groceries.
Yonks (also donkey’s years) Ages Hey it’s great to see you. I haven’t seen you in yonks.
How’s she cuttin’? How are things? Hi there. How’s she cuttin’?
Knackered Very, very, very tired Janey mac, I’m knackered, I shouldn’t have stayed so late in the pub during #websummit2015
Tell me this and tell me no more. Optional “now” at the beginning. Really, truly, now be honest when you tell me what I want to hear Now tell me this and tell me no more, are there really over 1,000 speakers at Web Summit 2015?
Tastes like a gorillas armpit Doesn’t taste nice I didn’t get back to the hotel from the pub summit until 3am. My mouth tastes like a gorilla’s armpit.
C’mere ’til I tell ya Listen C’mere ’til I tell ya, there are 21 summits at this year’s Web Summit.
Craic Fun We had great craic at this year’s Web Summit in Dublin.
Jammers Rather full The pubs and streets of Dublin will be jammers during the week.

Enjoy the craic in Dublin this week.

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