What to include in a social media policy

A social media policy outlines how your organisation and staff should conduct themselves online. It ensures that everybody, in particular those who manage social media, know how the company wishes to portray itself across social media and post appropriately. Having a policy in place helps protect your brand’s reputation and creates consistency across all channels. […]

Why employ a copywriter?

employ a copywriter

It can be difficult to get people to read content either online or print. And to get them to read further than your website home page also isn’t easy. Good copy and a good copywriter is vital to successfully promote your products and services. A copywriter will give your content a more professional feel and encourage visitors to stay on […]

Free Twitter Tools

free twitter tools

Here is a short list of some of the free Twitter tools available to help you manage your Twitter account. My personal favourites are 1, 2 and 3. Update 29 Nov 19. Hootsuite – schedule and manage your Twitter account (best use is with Twitter lists). Tweepsmap – Twitter insights including unfollows Tweriod – best […]

Tips to help grow your social media influence

social media policy

Updated 20 November 19 You’re set up on social media, your’re sharing updates and tweeting away. Perhaps you’ve even been brave enough to tackle Instagram! But how do you grow your followers and, more importantly, your authority. Here are 9 tips to grow your social media influence: 1. Create and maintain a voice Decide a […]

Why I love digital marketing

digital marketing

But I love “marketing” too because digital marketing isn’t the whole thing. I went to marketing school before the internet exploded when it was simply called marketing. Digital marketing is just one aspect of the bigger “marketing” but is of course the most commonly used tactical marketing communications area today. Digital marketing is the marketing […]

7 Irish technology awards you may wish to enter (and 24 business)

Last updated 6 June 19. All companies want to win awards. Awards provide prestige and are great for branding. They are also great for team morale and, of course, marketing. But which ones should you apply for and when are they held? I couldn’t find a definitive list of B2B Irish technology awards, so I […]

8 ways to increase LinkedIn connections

LinkedIn tips

LinkedIn is an extremely valuable tool in B2B tech marketing. So it’s  important to make the most of it. And to do that you need to have good connections and participate in relevant groups. I don’t recommend connecting with people just for the sake of it, or accepting connection requests from people you’ve never heard […]

Employee advocacy and how to get your employees to share the love

employee advocacy

Word of mouth will always be the marketing activity with the best results. Social media, in particular LinkedIn and Twitter, are important elements of a B2B tech company’s marketing communications strategy to encourage word of mouth. Related post: What to include in your social media plan. But to get the most from your social media […]