Irish Tech News guest blog: Why hiring a copywriter will help your business

This article appeared as a guest blog on Irish Tech News on 5th June 2017.

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Why hiring a copywriter will help your business.

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It can be difficult to get people to read content either online or print. And to get them to read further than your website home page also isn’t easy. Good copy and a good copywriter is vital to successfully promote your products and services.A copywriter will give your content a more professional feel and encourage visitors to stay on your website and visit other pages. Here are some of the things that will and won’t happen when you employ a copywriter.

A copywriter won’t:

  • Use industry jargon
  • Be flowery
  • Take as long as you would to create documentation/web content
  • Use the expression “is designed to”
  • Find your tech product too difficult or niche to do it justice

A copywriter will:

  • Focus on your customer
  • Use the least number of words possible
  • Present your product in the best light
  • Write positively
  • Bring a fresh pair of eyes to your company
  • Help figure out your message if you haven’t already
  • Provide you with good content that you can re-use
  • Enhance your website with good content

You will have much more time to concentrate on stuff you are better at (and prefer to do) when you employ a copywriter. And you will get rid of the “oh god, I must write the new product sheet/blog/case study” dread you feel every time you think about marketing.

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