7 Irish technology awards you may wish to enter (and 23 business)

Irish Technology awardsLast updated 15 January 2021.

All companies want to win awards. Awards provide prestige and are great for branding. They are also great for team morale and, of course, marketing. But which ones should you apply for and when are they held?

I couldn’t find a definitive list of B2B Irish technology awards, so I created one. Let me know if there are any missing and I’ll update it.

In addition to the Irish technology awards, I’ve added B2B Irish business awards and Irish marketing awards that you may also consider.

Closing dates for entries are included if available at time of posting. The month refers to the 2017 award ceremony date (unless specifically stated). As you will see, November’s the favourite! Most Irish technology awards are held in Dublin.

Irish Technology awards

Trilogy Technologies won company of the year in 2019
  1. Tech Excellence –  May.
  2. Irish Internet Authority Dot ie Net Visionary – September
  3. Data Science – October (although website not working Aug 20)
  4. Spiders  – November
  5. Technology Ireland Software Awards – November
  6. Customer Contact Management Association – November
  7. Irish MedTech – December

Irish Marketing Awards

  1. Smart Marketing Awards – May
  2. Marketing Institute All Ireland Marketing Awards – May
  3. Media awards – March
  4. Awards for Excellence in PR – closing date 3 Mar 20
  5. Digital Media – February

Irish Business Awards

  1. Small Firms Association – February 2021
  2. Business and Finance – December
  3. Analytics Institute Fellowship & Industry – June
  4. Irish Logistics & Transport – July
  5. Business All Stars – April
  6. National Startup – October
  7. National Enterprise Awards – May
  8. Enterprise Ireland Founder of the year – June
  9. Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena – September
  10. Women Mean Business – September/October
  11. EY Entrepreneur of the year – October
  12. Deloitte Fast 50 – November
  13. Irish Times Innovation – November
  14. Irish Times Business Awards – May
  15. Irish Exporters Association – November
  16. Image magazine Business Woman of the Year – November
  17. Irish HR Champion awards – March
  18. Irish Sales Champion awards – May


The Chambers of Commerce and LEOs also hold annual awards. The LEO awards can lead to the National Enterprise Awards held in May.

Initial LinkedIn feedback has inspired me to create a blog detailing competitions to win investment or cash. Here’s the link. 8 Irish business competitions to win investment

What have I missed? Let me know and I’ll update this post.

First published 5 Jan 18. 

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