5 reasons to outsource your B2B technology marketing

There are 5 main reasons why you might consider outsourcing your B2B technology marketing, not the least of which is that it saves you hassle. Unless you are an experienced marketer (and even if you are), outsourcing your B2B technology marketing provides you with the following benefits:

1. Time savings

Outsourcing enables you to focus on core competencies. Outsourcing to a marketing expert gets you results quicker. Their focus isn’t split with running a business or a department. A blog that might take you 8 hours to write (never mind the time spent thinking about having to write it and then putting it off), would likely take your marketing consultant 4 hours.

B2b technology marketing
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2. Cost savings

Outsourcing B2B marketing can be more cost-effective than hiring an in-house team. Most marketing consultants only charge for the time spent working on your project. (Well I do anyway). So there’s no phone calls home, or booking of flights done on your time. Or no chats around the water cooler. When us consultants work on your marketing projects, it’s all about you. Additional cost savings are made because you have no employee based overheads such as annual leave, providing desk space or IT equipment, health insurance or pension.

3. Expertise

B2B technology marketing consultants specialise in Business to Business and have a depth of expertise in specific areas such as software, technology, B2B, marketing strategy, content marketing and digital marketing. This expertise is especially valuable for businesses that don’t have the resources to build an in-house marketing team.

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4. Flexibility and scalability

Marketing consultants are more flexible in their approach and can pivot strategies quickly. This can be especially useful for technology businesses that are facing changing market conditions or have shifting priorities. Additionally, as your business grows, your marketing needs change. Outsourcing your B2B marketing provides you with the flexibility to scale your marketing efforts up or down depending on your business needs. A marketing consultant can adjust their services to meet your changing needs.

5. Knowledge of the latest B2B technology marketing tools

B2B marketing consultants are aware of the latest marketing technologies that work for your B2B business, enabling you to get the best results for the least amount of budget.

B2B technology Marketing

Overall, outsourcing your B2B marketing provides your technology business with access to expertise and cost savings, giving you the ability to focus on your core competencies.

By partnering with a B2B technology marketing consultant, together we can develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that is tailored to your tech business needs. All of this while getting the best results for your business in the least amount of time and within budget.


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