The best social media platforms for B2B tech businesses

B2b tech business

There are so many social media platforms with new ones arriving regularly, that it’s hard to know if you – as a B2B tech business – should even bother to try.

Is anybody in Clubhouse yet? You can find me @aislingfoley if you are. Although I haven’t done anything on it apart from a bit of eavesdropping, it is something to keep an eye on.  (But do we really want another social platform – are we social mediaed out?! A question for another day)

Whilst Instagram and Facebook usage is growing and Snapchat is the messaging app for the under 25s, LinkedIn and Twitter are still key for us B2B tech businesses. Although I do think that Clubhouse could be a real goer once it expands to Android.


LinkedIn is still the definitive business social media tool. No question. 35% of the Irish population are on LinkedIn according to the 2020 Ipsos MRBI bi-annual poll.


It’s still alive and well. Irish account holders grew by 4% last year to 34%. Founded in 2006, it might be old (I joined in 2008), but it remains relevant in the tech and software industry. And it’s still one of the best places to get the latest tech news. Whilst Irish usage of other networks were fairly stable in 2020, Twitter usage grew by 5%. Let’s see what all the new stuff such as Spaces (Clubhouse type thing) and Fleets, the stories equivalent brings this year.  (I have written a series of blog posts on how best to use Twitter. You can access them here.)


YouTube works across all industries both B2B and B2C. Most people love to watch videos. Although some (myself included) prefer to read rather than watch, so it’s a good idea to include each video’s key messages in text when publishing.


Instagram can work for B2B tech businesses if your product is visual. Although for most of us, its best use is to show the human side of your organisation; team and office photos, individual photos, perhaps photos of employee recognition awards. One software company had photos of the employees’ dogs and other pets on a bring a pet to work day (pre-Covid of course)! What a nice way to show the human side of your business! And right now, marketing is all about being human. With 5% growth last year, 48% of us here have an Instagram account.

Other social media for B2B tech businesses

Here’s a link to the most popular social networks worldwide as at January 21, ranked by number of active users. No surprise that Facebook is number 1. From an Irish perspective, TikTok grew by 9% last year with now 15% of the population having an account. Mind you, I have an account, but never look at it, but apparently 43% use it daily!

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