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Twitter for tech companies: Lesson 6: Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are fantastic. They’ve been around since 2009 and enable you to group together those you are following into market sectors. This helps you get more use of out Twitter Twitter listsby having an overview of what each market segment is up to. Lists are particularly important when using Twitter management apps. Lesson 7 is about using Hootsuite.

Lists can be private or public and if public, others can subscribe. Enterprise Ireland, for example has an excellent public list showing tweets from EI clients.

It’s important to create meaningful lists for your company. Here are some examples that might be useful to Irish software companies:

  • Target market sector – eg public sector, IT, retail
  • Marketing – for industry journalists, publications, analysts
  • Competitors (yes, it is ok to follow them)
  • Customers by country might make sense in your organisation
  • Segment by groups within sectors. For example the aviation sector can be further split into airlines, avionics manufacturers, MRO, ANSP etc

You can even see who has added you to their public lists by going to the list page (click on the drop down menu under the cog) and click on “Members of”.

Here’s Twitter’s support page about Twitter lists

Note of caution. When creating lists, be sure to mark it private (default is public) if you don’t want others to see or subscribe to the list.

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