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How to meet website legal requirements

Updated 19 April 2019 A lot of B2B tech companies appear to be unaware of the legal requirements that must be met in terms of their website. In some cases even basic information is excluded. I’ve seen websites with no address (how are your prospects going to know where you are based) and no email (how can you be […]

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Writing for the internet

Internet writing tips

I do a lot of writing for clients both for the internet and for product sheets and brochures. A different style is needed when writing something that is primarily going to be read on screen. This applies even more so these days as the number of people reading content on mobile phones and tablets increases. […]

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Web design

What to include in a web design brief

Following on from the success of my recent “Things you mightn’t think of when choosing a web design agency“, I thought it might help further if I provided Irish technology companies with the step before this. A good web design brief takes a huge amount of pain out of your new website process. If you can […]

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Wordpress username

Do not use Admin as your WordPress username

I wanted to remind all WordPress website managers to change their WordPress username from Admin. Call yourselves Fred or Bob if you like, but definitely not Admin. Using Admin as a WordPress username makes it much easier for hackers to get into your website and replace your nice page titles with medicinal words (which seems to […]

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