Why you shouldn’t use Admin as your WordPress username

If you haven’t already, please change your WordPress username from Admin. Call yourselves Wordpress logoFred or Bob if you like (unless your name is actually Fred or Bob), but definitely not Admin.

Using Admin as a WordPress username makes it much easier for hackers to log into your website and replace your pages with unhelpful information.

I get at least 30 bad login attempts a day using Admin as the username. I’m sure most webmasters get at least this. This information should be viewable under the security plugin section of your WordPress menu. The Wordfence plugin alerts you as to when people try to access your website and you can also set it to lock those hackers out after say, 5 bad attempts. So if you haven’t already, install it now.

So it’s not just a safe password you need using capitals letters mixed with numbers and symbols. You also need an unguessable user name.

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