3 marketing projects to focus on in 2018 with limited marketing budget

New year, new you! And part of the new you is to do some more marketing. But where should you start? There are tons of things that you can do of course, but here are the top 3 marketing projects to focus on in 2018 with a limited marketing budget and in order of importance.

1. Blog

Fresh website content is key to getting Google to like you and also getting more visitors to your site. And there’s no better way than blogging. Posts should not be all about you, and they shouldn’t be salesy. Blogs are far more subtle. They should be about your reader – your prospect – and how you/your product can help them. They should either provide guidance or solve a problem for your visitor. For more information on blogging, here’s one I wrote earlier – 11 tips to better blogging. One blog per week is ideal for B2B, two per month is probably more realistic.


2.  Newsletter

If you’ve starting doing the first or are regularly blogging, then you are half way there on this one. Re-use the blogs as part of your monthly (or every other month even) newsletter. Mailchimp is a newsletter email service which is free for up to 2,000 email addresses. So it grows as you grow. Here’s my latest newsletter using Mailchimp. Just be sure that you create only one list though, because when a person unsubscribes, they only unsubscribe from that list. If you have them in a second list, they could still receive future emails from you. And nobody wants that.

3.  LinkedIn

LinkedIn tipsLinkedIn, if used correctly, is an excellent tool. And guess what, you can use both one and two above. Customise your URL, connect with people you know, join and participate in groups and post your blogs on your LinkedIn Pulse. Share your Pulse and blog posts on LinkedIn Groups too.  You can also share your newsletter through your LinkedIn status updates. Here’s a previous post on how to get the most from LinkedIn Groups.

Share your blog posts, LinkedIn Pulse posts and newsletter across social media for even better results.

So do you agree? If not, what are your top 3 marketing projects to focus on in 2018?


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