Tips to help grow your social media influence

Updated 20 November 19

grow your social media influence

You’re set up on social media, your’re sharing updates and tweeting away. Perhaps you’ve even been brave enough to tackle Instagram! But how do you grow your followers and, more importantly, your authority. Here are 9 tips to grow your social media influence:

1. Create and maintain a voice

Decide a voice and stick with it. Are you going to be antagonistic (not a good idea in my opinion, but some people have adopted that policy), funny, Oirish, serious, personal, cracking jokes all the time? Which? You decide and stick with it. And make sure your social media team know your voice.

2. Content

website content

You absolutely must provide regular and good content. And very importantly, this content can’t be all about you. And it can’t be salesy. Don’t have “click here to buy” buttons all over the content or people won’t come back. Think about the blogs/content you read regularly and emulate that. Here’s some pointers to create your own B2B blog.

3. Build relationships

Social media is a two way thing. It’s not just about you pushing stuff out. You need to join conversations. share others posts (in fact 80% of updates should not be about you), communicate with others and answer questions. Posing your own questions will also help the communication, sharing and influencing process.

4. Be grateful

grow your social media influence

Thank people for sharing your posts. If they are kind enough to share or retweet, then they should be thanked.

5. Share data

Share your opinions, particularly those backed by data. People like statistics and they’ll share them. Better still, do your own market research and create your own stats.

6. Watch yourself!

Keep an eye on how others see you and watch yourself. Set up Google alerts for you, your company, your brand and product name.

7. Measure

There are a few free tools that help you measure your growth and help you grow your social media influence including Skorr. This provides a weekly report charting your progress over the previous 5 weeks. 

grow your social media influence

8. Share on non social networks

You need to be seen on non social media so write for and share posts across industry publications.

9. Share achievements

If you win awards, then tell people. It’s a reason for them to understand your capabilities. Of course to win them, you need to enter them!

Now go…

Grow your social media influence


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