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Updated 12 July 2018

Twitter for tech companies: Lesson 7: Bring your social media accounts together – using Hootsuite

This lesson covers more than just Twitter and brings together all you have learnt from previous Twitter lessons.

Hootsuite is a Social Media Management tool which helps you track and hootsuite logomonitor your social media accounts. The free version enables you to add up to 3 accounts (it used to be 5) and schedule up to 30 posts.  For Irish software companies, the most logical accounts to add are:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn company page
  • Google Plus company page (doesn’t cover G+ profile page due to Google API))

There are a number of other social media management tools including Tweetdeck and Seesmic, but my preference is Hootsuite as it allows you to include these most commonly used social media accounts.  Other accounts that can be managed by Hootsuite are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • WordPress 

Hootsuite set up

It’s easy to set up, just login and add your social networks. Then add the streams or lists you wish to manage. For example in Twitter, you should add the following streams:

  • Each list you created after lesson 6
  • Scheduled tweets
  • Mentions
  • Direct Messages (inbox)

You may wish to delete the home feed which contains the same information as on your Twitter web page.

There is also Hootlet for Chrome. This means that, with one click, you can post any article to all or some of these social media accounts from within Chrome – very very handy.

One of the best things about Hootsuite (and other social media management systems) is that you can schedule tweets. This means that you can send out tweets when you know your target audience is most responsive.  And there are tools that help you find out what day and time that is eg Tweriod.

Another bonus of using Hootsuite is that you avoid the ads that appear on your Twitter home page and you only read tweets from people you have prioritised by adding them to lists.

Do you have a preferred management system? Let me know which or how you get on with Hootsuite in the comments section below.

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